Sunday, 21 September 2014

SKII Skin test : Too good to be true

Disclaimer : this is a personal experience. May not applicable to every one.

I'd been wanting to get a skin test at SK II counter and finally yesterday in Kokas I did.
I'm 37 y/o and have  been moderately taking care of my skin, meaning that I apply moisutizer since I was in my mid 20s, sumblock and serum from early 30s. I have not applied serum for almost a year now.
I started using SK II's FTE about a year ago and clear lotion about six months ago.

There are 5 areas being tested:
1. Testure refinement, kehalusan kulit dan pori-pori.
2. Firmness power.
3. Wrinkle resilience.
4. Spot control.
5. Radiance enhancement.

FYI, I used make up (foundation) when I did the test, which I think somehow or even significantly affected the test result.
Here is the result .

Mostly I get 75% on all areas except for the spot control I get aound 50%.
and this is my skin age accoding to the test.
point  1. my skin is   21 y/o
point  2. my skin is  26 y/o
point  3. my skin is  26 y/o
point  4. my skin is  35 y/o
point  5. my skin is  26 y/o
Over all my skin like a 26 y/o or 27 y/o if I'm a SKII user, which means that my skin is 10 or 11 years younger than it is supposed to be.
And I think this is way too good to be true.
I looked in the internet and saw almost everybody got a result of 7-8 years younger skin than age which affect my judgement of the test.

One thing I was suprised and really sad is my spot control is way below my expectation (which I unhappily think might be true). I have been using sunblock for last 8 years and I suspect is too late.
so far I've fininshed:
2 or 3 bottles of sunkiller baby
2 tubes of loreal high spf 50
2 tubes of ROC soleil spf 50
1 tube of sebamed spf 50
1 bottle of acnes tinted sunblock spf 30
3 small bottles (30ml) of clarins UV plus daily HP spf 40
3 large bottles (60ml) of clarins UV plus daily HP spf 40
1/2 bottle of la roche posey uUV liquid spf 50

you see, so much sunblock and it doesnt really help much to my skin. or maybe it will be even worse if i didnt start using sunblock.


  1. Hmm.. gw jg sk2 user, dan so far sih engga merasa wow sama resultnya, tapi tetep lanjut make karena sugesti kali ya, dan krn tetep ngarep that somoday i will have a crystal skin face:) kalo sunblock, stlh tinggal di bali, gw ngerasa bgt manfaatnya. Klo dulu sehari2 ga pake sunblock jd pas pindah bali, muka tu item kusam. Stlh skrg rutin pake sunblock, muka ttp putih ga kusem walo rajin ke pantai ��

  2. datang berkunjung kemari, salam perkenalan aja ya

  3. Hi...nice to meet you, I got a nice video link that you can watch with your family.