Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Tea addict

When I was little, my dad used to scold me for wasting a good cup of tea.
I would like "what are you talking about? tea is tea. what is good tea and what is not".
I never understood why anybody would waste a good amount of money on some tea leaves which taste the same (bitter and weird smelling).

I wasn't a tea drinker (i was more into sodas hahahahhaha) until about 3 years ago.
my first tea was Dilmah Jasmine tea which I could hardly touch anymore nowadays.
then I started getting tea from Japan, Taiwan etc etc and I became an addict. I can't say I am an avid tea drinker, what does avid mean anyway, but I need to drink my tea at least 2 glass a day or I will get sleepy and bad/gloomy mood.

Here are some teas I'd tried.

European/western tea:
  • English Breakfast
The name does make sense. Since you just got up, you wouldn't want anything too strong or too weird for your tastebuds.
I only drink this tea when I don't want think about or taste anything strong or delicious. It's too bland for my tastebuds.

  • Earl Grey
I love everything taste and smell orangy or lemony. Earl grey has a strong hint of bergamot which I love.
My favorite earl grey tea is from Twinings. I love to leave a pack open in a cupboard and everytime I open the cupboard the smell is just heavenly.
I tried Dilmah's earl grey and I must say I dont like it.

Chinese tea:

  • Oolong
  • Tie Guan Yin
Oolong was always my favorite tea when it comes to chinese tea, but nowadays my preference shifted to Tie Guan Yin. The fresh and grassy smell is so good that I can drink so many glass of it without getting bored. It's not a bitter as oolong and has a hint of herbal.
  • Jasmine
When I started my tea adventure, this is my first conquer. I like a faint smell of Jasmine
  • Chrysantemun
 Mom used to brew chrysantemun flowers for us when we were small for reducing the heat of the body and I only liked it when mom put a lot of sugar in it but mom always said that sugar will increase the heat of the body, so taking 10 glass of chrysantemun tea with lots of sugar is similar with taking nothing at all. Mom's logic :)

  •  Xueya
This is Chinese greentea from sichuan area, which is best know for its low temperature which was good for planting tea (and good for panda too).
  • Pu Erh
If there is anything most suitable for the idiom "not my cup of tea", this is the one. Pu Erh has this earthy aftertaste that reminds me of not-well-cleaned Gurame fish and the earthy taste is strong. So Pu Erh will be my last choice for tea.

Japanese Tea:

  • Gyukuro
This is known as the best and most expensive tea leaves in Japan. the idea this tea is, they cover the tea from the sunlight for several month so that the tea will taste stronger.
  • Sencha
My favorite Japanese greentea. I tried several brands of Japanese Sencha  but nowadays I only buy from Fukujuen and Marukyu Koyamaen online. It can be costly, especially the award winner Marukyu tea. But it is really good.
If you ask me what is a good tea, I still need to learn a lot. as of now what is good for me is what I like. LOL.
  • Matcha 
Grounded tea leaves.  Preparation of this tea usually need a bowl and a brisk and a some energy to whipped the tea in hot water :)
Matcha is bitter in taste and some may not like it due to it bitterness.
When we were visiting Arashiyama early this year we went to a garden belonged to a late Japanese movie star and had matcha tea with cake and it was sooooo good against the cold weather.
Few years ago we visited Kinkakuji temple in the summer and also had matcha tea with cake in the garden and it was also really good.
So I think matcha tea is good for every season, hot ot cold.
and what's with Japanese with tea and garden anyway?

  •  Houjicha
Houjicha is roasted tea leaves with rice. It is commonly served in restaurant.
When preparing this tea, it will only takes few second to brew as the tea will become very dark and the taste will be too thick.
I like this tea after a hearthy meal or oily food.

Oh yes, I also tried India Masala tea which I spit out after a sip. Too much.

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